“Living the Dream”: A 30 Day Devotional on the life of Joseph

I had the honor of writing a 30-day devotional for my church family to correspond with our fall sermon series on the life of Joseph called “Living the Dream.”  I spent countless hours studying, praying, and really wrestling with God on what it means to dream His dreams for our lives. Joseph’s life is so full of wisdom as we seek to detangle ourselves from the world’s false definition of “dreams.”  The lessons are deep, rich, and not easy at times but well worth our attention.

I wanted to make sure it was made available to my friends here as well. All 30 daily devotions are up on the blog and accessible to you here and you can subscribe to get the full 30-day devotional guide in your inbox below.  Everyday has an opening prayer, daily Scripture reading, thought provoking questions, a prayer response, an optional action step, and a closing prayer.  My hope would be that you would grab a journal and a quiet few moments over the next 30 days to embrace “Living the Dream” with me. You can get a preview of the devotional by reading Day 1 here.

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