I’m a Florida girl planting deep roots in West Texas, on my unexpected promised land.  My husband, me, and our 4 children are wrangling out a life of ordinary joy- in the midst- on our little Ranchito with our herd of cow-dogs, a flock of chickens, and fierce tribe of friends by our side.  I am passionate about honoring the childhoods’ of my kids, gathering my community, and encouraging and equipping women to fall in love with the Word of God.  I am a part-time homeschooler, a wannabe homesteader, a writer, speaker, and Bible teacher.

I love my dogs, my chickens, my garden, and my Ranchito. I miss my beach, my mom, and my manatees. These are the musings that come from almost 40 years of adventures, long days of laundry, the highs and lows of marriage and parenting, and living life with fierce friends by my side.  My prayer is that these words encourage you, build you up, make you laugh, make you think, let you know you are not alone, and point you to Jesus. I wish I could pour you a glass of wine and we could rock on my “sunset porch” and get to know each other… Until then, take a breath and allow me to (hopefully) say some words that matter…ranchito-sunsets

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  1. I found your blog through your comment on She Reads Truth and I am really enjoying your posts. I love your writing style – thank you for sharing!

  2. We lived in the Tyler, TX area for 6 years and loved it! We are from San Diego, and God led us back here to the church where we met/married, but we still are Texans at heart! I found you via one of the Christian woman blogger FB groups!

  3. Thank you for this!

    When I was teaching, May was the worst. I have two boys that are 5 years apart. May not only offers the end of the school year craziness, but testing, AND Teacher Appreciation. At our school, each class adopts a staff member (or two). Most parents do not contribute to the staff member, so the teacher either has to give up some of their goodies or go out and buy gifts for them. Teachers with school aged children also have to consider gifts for their children’s teachers. Of course I value our staff, so I would run myself ragged to make sure they were being appreciated.

    The irony is that I became a teacher to allow myself an added sense of purpose. I wanted to feel like I was more than a glorified Uber driver. I wanted to be more visible. Turns out I just became invisible to more people.

    It wasn’t until I started my own business and doing something for myself, that things started to change for me. People thought I was crazy, but deep in my heart, I knew this was something I needed. I just didn’t know how much I needed it. (I’ll explain) As my business started to grow, I stopped doing things that could be done by my boys and husband and started doing more activities to grow my business.

    “Mom, I don’t have any clean laundry.”
    “Are you excited for our trip to Europe?”
    “Mom, that has nothing to do with laundry.”
    “It does actually. Our trip to Europe was possible because of the extra income I earned from the business I am working on right now. So, how about I teach you how to do your own laundry to give me more time to earn more money for our next trip.”

    I have not done either of my boys’ laundry since. (Happy dance!)

    Even if you do not have a side business you should still delegate tasks to your husband or kids. I simply stopped doing the boys’ laundry, cooking dinner every night, doing the grocery shopping, and cleaning the house. When I did, something magical happened. They started doing them. Well, most of them. My house is usually a mess and I am okay with that. Bonus: They learned skills that they will need as adults.

    If you think about it, these are not sacrifices I’m making, simply exchanges. I’m exchanging more income and time for myself, for a clean house. I’m exchanging exactly how I like things done, for not exactly how I like them done. You could be exchanging more time for YOURSELF, for laundry that is put away.

    So instead of doing things for your kids, teach them how to do them themselves. So what if they wash the lights and darks together. They did their own laundry!! Sandwiches for dinner…GREAT! That was one meal you did not have to cook.

    I know what some of you are thinking? “They need me. They can’t survive without me.” I get it, but in these instances, they don’t need you, they need you to DO something. They can survive without you. You are VALUABLE, but not because of the tasks you do, but for the nurturing you give. I have to constantly remind myself that one day they will not need me and it is good to be needed, but sometimes, you need to delegate. Your sanity is worth it.

    So when you catch yourself feeling MAY tired, remember that there are other members of your family that can help, you just need to ask.

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