Permissions Policy

I own the content on web site. It is copyrighted in my name, want to strike the appropriate balance between are generous with my content has wings and reaches the people God intends while these same time protecting my intellectual property rights. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Without My Permission

You are free to do the following without my permission:

  • Link to my site or any specific post on my site.
  • Extract and re-post less than 200 words on any other site, provided you link back to my original post.
  • Print off my posts and photocopy up to 50 copies for internal distribution within your own church, company or organization.
  • Print my posts, in non-commercial publication (e.g., company newsletter, church newsletter, class syllabus), provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2019, Lesley N. Ryden. All rights reserved. Originally published at”

Not Without My Permission

You must have my express written consent of the following:

  • This content in commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of content.
  • Alter, transform, or build upon this work.
  • Re-posting and Translation Rights.
  • I not permit the re-posting of my posts in entirety. This is because Google penalizes websites for publishing duplicate content. It often can’t tell which site hosts that original, risk getting penalized myself for granting permission.

In addition, I don’t allow the translation and publication of my work in other languages. I simply don’t have the resources to validate the quality of work.

If you have some use for my content that is not covered here, please contact me.