Embracing Summer

Can you feel it? It’s almost here… SUMMER!!! My Florida, beach girl heart pulls hard towards the rhythms of summer! Give me hot over cold, give me flip-flops over boots, and give me unrushed-unscheduled days over the grind of the school year any time! I’m afraid I have passed this love of summer onto my 4 children who have been playing old Beach Boys songs and asking Alexa how many days util their last day of school since the day after Christmas!

So are you like me?  A girl of summer?  A mom who thrives in the summer rhythms?  Or does it freak you out… all of that non-structured time?  Those long, hot days?  Sunshine until after 9pm?

No matter what your natural bent is, summer is coming no matter what so let’s choose to embrace it together for the sake of our children AND ourselves. On this page I hope you find a plan for the flourishing of your children and yourselves this summer! “ALEXA….”